There are precious people out there who will be offended by the sarcasm gifts that we have at gifts for stupid. Our website is not for these sweet petals who fund sarcasm too rough for them. Once day they may come around.


At Gifts For Stupid our gifts are for people who get sarcasm, for people who understand it, for people who can give as good as they get. We have gentle sarcasm gifts through to full-on genuinely nasty mocking sarcasm gifts. You can start easy and graduate as you get to know your friends better. Or, you can play hard from the start.


We scour the world looking for sarcastic gifts you can give to mock your friends and loved-ones. Some of what we have are everyday in nature while other gifts are limited edition, rare and especially sarcastic. Our range is changing regularly. However, everything we list at the site is available right now, ex stock, ready for you to lay on those in your target range.


We love sarcasm as a form of humour. We love its directness, its power, its cut-through. You know you are alive when someone lays sarcasm on you. And doesn’t that feel good?! It sure does. The initial feeling of hurt is replaced with oh wow it’s awesome they trust me that much, love me that much, feel that good about me that they can give me something that mocks me like that. Okay, that sounds a bit strong, which means it probably is.


Gifts for stupid are perfect for work, for them to put on their desk, or at home on a bedside table. Some of our sarcasm gifts work well in the car.


The best way to give a sarcasm gift is to surprise them. You could wrap it in beautiful paper, letting them think it is something expensive or lady-like and then, BAM!!!, inside is your sarcasm gift, cutting through and waking them up.


Gifts for stupid aims to be a one-stop for all things sarcasm. For gifts or even for yourself. How passive aggressive is that, buying sarcasm themed items and placing them at your workplace. It’s like saying … don’t mess with me bitch. That will sort them out.


When you are ready to firm off some sarcasm, we’re ready for you. But be warned, some are offended. … precious petals.