Understanding our sarcasm products.


We all know stupid, at least one stupid. They are that person, you know the one we mean, that person you can have a laugh with, someone who gets you and your wicked sense of humour, someone you won’t offend by playing at the edge of what is usually acceptable.


They are not stupid, of course. And, for that matter, nor are you … stupid, that is.


Stupid is your best mate, a work colleague, a family member a neighbour … those with whom you can have a laugh with a sarcastic bent.


Yeah, that is who stupid is … the person who shares your love of sarcasm humour. 


Of course, you may not understand sarcasm, it is a fine art after all. We can make it look like you get it, through the products we have here. We can help you shine in the sarcasm stakes. The only risk is that you start something that does not stop. But that’s okay, good sarcasm delivered well is all about having a laugh, through pocking each other.


We use the term stupid because it, of itself, is sarcastic. We are not saying anyone is really stupid. However, in that moment, in that small moment when they are at their funniest, when they are really letting themselves go and everyone is watching them, they can look and act stupid.


Our sarcasm gifts help you respect them, love them, appreciate them and appreciate all things sarcasm.


Yeah, that is what gifts for stupid is, appreciating all things sarcastic. Laughing with them and giving people ways of enjoying sarcasm at work, at home and in unexpected places.


Sarcasm knows no bounds. It does not respect gender, age, faith, sexuality, hair colour, height, race or education. Sarcasm is pure, fun, deliberate and always coming back at you ten times faster and harden that you put it out there. So, be ready. Gift gifts to stupid, have fun and be ready to be made fun of on return. Embrace it. Love it. Play sarcasm as a tow-way street.


It says something about a relationship that you can be sarcastic. It speaks to its strength and inherent trust between you. Love it and live it.


Gifts for stupid is here for you. We are the sarcastic gift shop.